What a joy it is to be serving the flock at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church! This is a church that prays together, worships together and plays together. The ministries are wonderful and they make themselves visible.

I have been ministering in the Lutheran church for thirty four years. I have done most of what you can do in a church, I was a Lutheran School Teacher, Principal, Dean Of Students, Dean of Chapel, Head of The Theology Department, etc. It was by God’s divine intervention that twenty years ago, I joined the English Lutheran Church Of The Redeemer, in St, Albans. I was quite content siting in the back “watching the other pastor work.” It didn’t play out that way. I ended up becoming the Shepherd of that congregation fifteen years ago. I have been trained well. I was born a Lutheran and I was raised in the Lutheran School system. For elementary and junior high school, I went to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was here that I got to know Jesus, and was baptized and confirmed.

I attended our Lutheran High School in Queens, Martin Luther when it was one of the most recognized parochial schools in the city. After that, I attended our Lutheran College, Concordia, New York. It was at Concordia that I met my wife Ronda. She has been the rock that I need to do ministry. Grad school was spent at different places. Finally, I was certified for the ordained ministry by the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod through Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

I have made ministry stops in Queens Village, Mount Vernon, New York, Cincinnati Ohio, back home to Bushwick, Maspeth , Queens and now in St. Albans and Laurelton.  It has all been a blessing from God.

I have enjoyed my time at Good Shepherd. A church where we worship a living Jesus! Let us continue to praise God and grow in His grace.

Pastor Steven Hicks

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