My wife, Alison, and I have been blessed to be at Good Shepherd since 1985, where I serve as pastor. In recent years I’ve begun to look at the Church and my role as pastor from a fresh perspective. For the longest time I let tradition define who I was and what I was supposed to do. Don’t get me wrong! I thank God for our traditions. The rich traditions of our Lutheran denomination, in particular, is what the Lord has used for centuries to lead countless people to salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ… and still does!

After two decades in the ministry, I just came to a point where I realized how much more there was for me to learn. As I studied Scripture, I asked myself many questions.

    • Why don’t I have more passion for what defines my eternal future?


    • Why don’t we act like the Church did in the book of Acts?


    • Are we devoted to the right things?


  • If I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, why don’t I sense His glory?


I had no day in particular where everything changed. Little by little Jesus has been leading our congregation to green pastures and through some death valleys. Little by little, our Good Shepherd has been teaching us what it means to follow Him. Little by little, we are growing content in finding our identity as sheep through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Let me share with you a few other things we are learning:

  • When I concentrate more on the verb usage of “pastor” and less on the title of “pastor”, people have a greater appreciation for my role as Pastor.
  • I would rather have moments of passion and make mistakes than make no mistakes and die of boredom.
  • God did not call us to “go” to Church. He called us to “be” the Church.
  • No one of us has got it all together, but all of us together got it all. Get involved!
  • There is no such thing as a “small” church where Jesus Christ is proclaimed. We have a purpose!
  • Our identity is found in Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him!
  • You must be born again!
  • Spirit-led ministry is built upon a ministry of prayer.
  • Changed lives are a church’s greatest advertisement.
  • A church can be straight as a gun barrel doctrinally and just as empty spiritually.

Please feel free to join us at Good Shepherd. Over the years God has graciously created a loving and caring environment within our congregation. It is good to have a place where we are needed and belong. It is good to know that God uses all of us together to accomplish His purpose. It is good to be saved!

In Jesus’ Love,
Pastor Steve Roth